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Our offer is straightforward - we have high standard and if you need more elements designed or from stock then you choose bigger package.

There are no subscription fees.
You own your website and host it wherever you want (we can help!)

The High Standard

  • custom home page design
  • unlimited pages
  • responsive (mobile) version
  • content managed (CMS)
  • full control & content ownership
  • up to 5 icons designed
  • up to 10 hours of custom design total


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  • custom home page design
  • custom subpage design
  • unlimited pages
  • responsive (mobile) version
  • content managed (CMS)
  • full control & content ownership
  • up to 10 icons designed or stock images purchased
  • up to 20 hours of custom design total


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  • custom home page design
  • up to 3 custom subpages designs
  • mobile version designed
  • unlimited pages
  • responsive (mobile) version
  • content managed (CMS)
  • full control & content ownership
  • up to 20 icons designed or stock images purchased
  • up to 40 hours of custom design total


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What exactly is included

Custom Home Page Design

Each package includes Home Page artwork based on materials you send. Designed by a Professional Web Designer custom for you and your brand. After approval this layout is hand-crafted into a working prototype.

Unlimited Pages

Our CMS doesn't limit the number of subpages - you can just as easily create 5 or 50 subpages, each built from available content blocks. You can also nest them so there will be subpages of subpages and so on.

Responsive (mobile) version

Each website we do is mobile friendly. It adapts to width of the screen on a desktop, tablet or mobile to give best experience. When a prototype is created with responsive version it is adjusted to the look of approved design.

Content managed (CMS)

Our sites have management systems (CMS). It is easy to use but also powerful. It also comes with simple manual and is secure. You get a complete site along with CMS on your selected hosting.

Full control & content ownership

You can't resell our CMS but you can use whole website without limits for how long you want on your own server. Content you enter there is also yours! Unlike many subscription site creators you own your site.

Graphics designed

Each graphic can be a custom icon, simple illustration or a chart. The idea of not using ready icons is so you can have all of the design professionally unified in style.

Hours of custom design total

This is a general cap of design hours per site. Home Page design, subpages, graphics are custom designed and each package has different total number of the hours max. Additional hours can be purchased at 30$ per hour.

Custom subpage design

If you require also subpages to be designed this may be useful. If it is not included in package each subpage can still be created of different modules and a lot of elements can be adjusted.

Mobile version designed

Mobile version is by default easy to use and display properly on most of the devices based on approved Home Page design. In Premium package you can have it designed so you know how the mobile version will look before the prototype is created.

Flexible offer

If you need more graphics designed but you don't need subpage or mobile version done you can pick higher package and then we can discuss flexible changes to it.