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No subscription. Own your fast and beautiful website! Check packages

Make impression

Over the years we perfected our process. After discussing details we prepare unique website design for you. Yes! Not a template you can choose from and have a website like thousands of others but your own branded layout designed for you.

When you are happy with it we prepare a working prototype with initial content you provided.

Easy to Manage

Thanks to our own CMS engine that does a lot for you managing website doesn't require technical knowledge.

Along with prototype you get access to backend where you can edit your website. You even get a short manual how to use it. Short because it is quite easy!

The Great Launch

When all the content is in, all is tested and works great we can launch the site! Each site gets initial performance tests and optimisations to make sure you're ready for a proper start.

Over the years we have seen many companies abuse clients lack of knowledge... but we believe in honest approach. We design, develop, instruct you and run your site on your own hosting and domain.

You have control

You not only have ability to edit the site when you want but you also GET the site! All BOLDER websites are launched on clients own hosting (don't worry we help you set it up!). But we want You to control ownership of your domain and hosting of your website and e-mail.

We believe it is the best way.

Safe & Sound

No system is bulletproof but with our engine we invested a lot of brainpower to secure it. All it's features are built-in - there are no widgets that allow for breaches.

It is also quite unique! While Wordpress sites go down by thousands at time over last 10 years even on older versions of our engine there was not even one security breach.

Proactively we now made it even more secure just to be sure we did our best.